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For Creatives looking to build a sustainable freelancer career, learn in 5 weeks what takes most Creatives 5 years.




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Matthew Mottola

Ex Microsoft, Author of The Human Cloud, Forbes Contributor

Matthew’s helped todays leading companies spend up to $100 million on freelancers. He built the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit and helps leaders scale through hiring content and creative freelancers.

Alison Grade

Author of The Freelance Bible, Creative & Production Freelancer

Alison transforms creative ideas into business realities through the films she produces, the creative entrepreneurs she mentors, SMEs she advises and The Freelance Bible (Penguin, March 2020).

Sanne Van Broeck, Digital Marketeer

It’s very rare you come across people who have this unique ability to connect and inspire others, whilst being driven by such a just cause. They combine all that with the right technology at the right time, in an unapologetically honest way. They don’t just have your best interest in mind, but also everybody else’s.

What To Expect

Do in 5 weeks what takes most freelancers 5 years.

Week 1: Elevator Pitch – Pitch yourself to high budget decision makers. 

Week 2: Standardization – Scope low-medium-high offerings to close deals in minutes. 

Week 3: Automation – Implement process and workflow tools so you’re ready to take on large projects. 

Week 4: Collaboration – Build your talent cloud of 5 freelancers so you can team up or refer work. 

Week 5: Showoff and Win – We’ll lead a virtual demo day and kickoff a competition with your peers.

*Successfully completing the accelerator unlocks access to a Venture Profile.

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Sanja Kišiček, Ph.D.

The experience with Class IV and Matthew Mottola is a game changer. The expertise, encouragement and multi-level support is absolutely amazing. Through a very structured and well paced approach, Matthew brought in seasoned freelancers to share their hardest lessons learned. And the templates, the Venture L platform, numerous prompts and examples one can tweak and use as their own…all very priceless.

Kemal Avdovic

Being a part of VentureL CLASS IV cohort has been amazing. Matthew Mottola has made something that is fun but very structured. Each week gives you a clear goal that will help elevate your freelance business. To help you achieve that goal Mathew is there with advice and guides that make it seem easy, but it is actually demanding work. On top of it all a couple of best of the best freelancers were there to share their stories and help you with their advice and lessons learned the hard way. Glad to have gone through this 4-week accelerator.


What do we look for? 
We want to make sure you’re ambitious as hell but not stuck in your ways. We expect you to be committed to freelancing full time, have tangible prior experience (or proof of hustling to create this experience).
Why is Venture L doing this?
The Accelerator is a labor of love for us. We don’t make a profit off the Accelerator itself. We do make a profit if after 6 months you triple earnings and renew your Venture L subscription 🙂
How much time should I expect to commit?
2-5 hours a week to complete assignments, share with the group, and attend weekly events. You get what you put in. 
What if I flake?
We all have things that pop up outside of our control! No worries. You’ll be removed from the Accelerator out of respect for fellow members. But we’ll decide best options on a case by case basis. 
    • Around 30% of the members don’t complete the Accelerator.

What’s the cost?

$474 USD, includes Venture L unlimited for 6 months

To be honest, we’re very torn about pricing. There are too many bootcamps selling generic advice for $2,000+. This is crap since there’s no secret to being the best freelancer. You need time, questions to point you in the right direction, a teeny tiny bit of best practices, and a peer group to share your experience with. 

With that said, Accelerator freelancers have gone on to close their biggest contracts within 72 hours of demo day. 

What happens after the Accelerator?

If you complete the Accelerator, you’ll be eligible for lifetime access to the Venture L Community and Venture L Collective. Here you can find fellow top notch global freelancers, access approved projects, and join what some have called the closest thing to a globally distributed dog park of meaningful connections.  


Dani Ifrim

Being able to be part of something of this caliber has been just a HUGE honour for me. I love the fact that Matthew doesn’t beat around the bush, he’s honest, straight forward, no bs in the middle, just goes for it. I think that’s one quality that has brought him where he is right now. And I’m trying to implement that mindset a lot more in my business pipelines. There are a lot of “courses” that teach you a lot of stuff, but Class IV really gives you the results and motivation to just go for it and don’t fall into the Information Action Fallacy.