Freelancer talks

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House rules for Freelancer Talks.

1: No script

2: No story telling

3: No thought leaders

Why no scripts? 

Because that’s boring, and anyone can speak off a script. 

Why no story telling? 

Stories are incredible. They’re emotional. They’re relatable. But like we mention below, we prioritize credibility, legitimacy, and repeatable application. If that can be communicated through a story, great! If not, even better. We always err on the side of putting someone to sleep rather than exciting someone to buy snake oil.

Why no thought leader?

We’re not a media company, we’re a technology company that’s mission is to empower freelancers to grow their business. Because of this, our content isn’t for eye-balls, it’s for our community to have tangible, repeatable, and valid insights. We trust our community to drive the next wave of economic opportunity. In return, they trust us to put them in the best position to succeed. This means, that from the prioritization of code, to the selection of content contributors, our #1 priority is the the credibility, legitimacy, and ability to apply the content. 

Want to be a contributor?

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